Who Is A Copywriter?

The profession of a copywriter can be a bull’s eye for you if you like to write and easily put your thoughts on paper. Although copywriting is still a young profession in Poland, it is developing rapidly due to the growing need for original advertising and marketing content that companies use to promote their services and products. The ability to create content is useful in most industries, from new technologies and marketing to the medical industry and education.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is a person who specializes in creating content, e-books, sponsored posts, press releases, advertising or marketing texts. Due to the nature of the work and the need to work with text, copywriters know the rules of grammar, spelling, paraphrasing and punctuation very well. They easily transfer thoughts and design assumptions into text. They can work both as freelancers, carrying out individual orders, and cooperate with one company, publishing house or agency on the basis of an employment contract. The strategy of content created by a copywriter can strengthen the company’s position on the Internet.

What can a copywriter specialize in?

The vast majority of copywriters do not focus on one industry or form of text they work with. They carry out various orders as freelancers or as part of marketing agencies. However, there are copywriters who choose the opportunity to specialize in a given field due to their professional education or their interests.

What are some of the copywriter’s duties?

Here are some examples of duties and tasks that a copywriter may deal with:

  • Create content that reflects your brand’s values ​​and profile
  • Editing of marketing and advertising content
  • Editing of sponsored texts and posts
  • Content validation taking into account design guidelines
  • Keeping in touch with the project manager, editors, and clients to discuss the exact goals of the project
  • Cooperation with the product, marketing and PR departments
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  • Supervision over a team of copywriters

How much does a copywriter earn?

The salary in this profession is influenced by education, completed courses, type of specialization, experience and form of employment. Since a large proportion of copywriters work remotely, where they live has little impact on their earnings. Copywriters who work on a freelance basis often price projects based on the number of characters or words contained in the text (the so-called pay per word). Short advertising texts or sponsored posts are valued differently than complicated SEO projects. Another popular form of valuation for content creation is hourly rate, which helps freelancers organize their working time and plan their income for the month.

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