Uses and Benefits of Sand Washer

Sand Washer

A sand washing machine is a washing system for laundry and separating dust and different impurities in the sand (synthetic sand, natural sand) and gravel aggregate. It is widely utilized in cloth cleansing of roads, water conservancy, hydropower, production industry, mining, construction materials, chemical industry, concrete mixing station, and different industries.

The sand washing machine can get rid of the impurities overlaying the floor of the sand and gravel, and spoil the steam layer of the lined sand, that’s useful for dehydration and growth the cleansing impact.

Sand washing machines may be divided into XS type and XL type.

XS type sand washing machine

Model XS is a wheeled sand washer, in particular used for the showering of mixed soil and dirt, and sand extraction in mining.

The transmission of a part of the wheeled sand washer is remoted from water and sand, which greatly reduces the failure fee during operation.

Main capabilities of wheel sand washing machine:

1. The loss of first-rate sand and stone powder is small in the sand washing process. The washed sand is nicely graded, and the fineness modulus can effortlessly meet the requirements of applicable standards.

2. Simple structure. The impeller-pushed bearing additives are remoted from flushing water and sand, greatly lowering failure rates.

3. The sand after washing has excessive cleanliness. At the identical time, benefits along with large working capacity, low strength consumption, and lengthy carrier life also can be obtained.

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XL type sand washing machine

Model XL is a spiral sand washer that cleans and separates dust and particles from sand. Its novel sealing structure, adjustable overflow weir, and dependable transmission make sure the impact of cleansing and dehydration.

Main features of spiral sand washing machine:

1. Variable screw pace and water inflow manage product gradation.

2. The length of the showering machine field depends on the proportion and toughness of the clay or waste to be removed.

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3. There are a few parts at risk of being put on and damaged.

What is a sand washing machine?

The sand washing machine is particularly used to do away with impurities, dust, and dust from the sand and gravel to get clean sand. The LZZG sand washing tool is designed to make excellent refinement of sand to satisfy manufacturing requirements. Currently, sand washing machines are extensively utilized in sand-making plants, production, mining, ore, coal, transport, and concrete blending plants.

With the continuous improvement of the economy, all walks of existence were greatly developed. Among them, in the mining industry, the largest manifestation is the non-stop development of sand washing machines. Therefore, the sand-making factory is urged to desert the unique antique sand washing approach and undertake a brand new sort of sand washing machine, which is now no longer the handiest and improves the efficiency of the work, however additionally obtains higher exceptional sand washing.

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Advantages of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine is extensively utilized in mining, constructing materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete blending station, and different sand fields. The feature of dehydration, sand washing, and cleansing impact.

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