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A music producer directs the recording of music in a recording studio. At the same time, these people are considered generalists. They master and coordinate the activities of several units – the performer, the record company, the recording and production studio.

Music is not produced as a commodity, but is created, that is, produced creatively. And thanks to the technical equipment of the recording studio, as a result, it is recorded on an audio medium.

The first recording studios were established in the United States in the early 20th century. The Radio Corporation of America in New York was the first to distribute country, pop and rock music under the label RCA Records. The music producer has been a generalist for several decades, and remains so to this day. His responsibilities include coordinating the three stages of the music production process: record company, recording studio and production. That is, he performs the function of an intermediary and at the same time is responsible for the final result.

The music producer is involved from the very beginning of the music production process to the very final stage. Listeners do not even suspect how long the song has come before they got to listen to it. And how much time, effort and nerves were spent on it.

What is the guarantee of a producer’s success? It is not always some kind of special education. For example, Dieter Bohlen never studied this art. However, he composed, performed and successfully produced his songs himself. In general, many music producers are purely self-taught, supplementing their natural talent and knowledge gained through music through several years of private training.

What are the requirements for the profession of a music producer? First of all, this is deep knowledge in the field of the music business and the music industry. The ability to use equipment and programs that create music, the ability to communicate with different people – authors, performers, sound engineers. These qualities, unfortunately, cannot be learned in an educational institution. They either have a person, or are produced in the process of work.

The tasks of a music producer are varied. He is looking for talent and a suitable repertoire. He also participates in the recording process of the song. Processing of the finished track – mixing and mastering – is performed by cd mastering sound engineers. However, it is the producer who makes the verdict on how well this work has been done. And if necessary, makes the appropriate adjustments. Depending on the ability of the music producer, he can mix the music himself. In this case, he himself determines the result of the sound recording. Mixing is the post-production link in the music production chain, followed by mastering. This process, as a rule, is already answered by the sound engineer, and the producer can only listen to the final version.

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Coordinating individual stages of production, from finding an artist to recording and working with studio musicians, is time-consuming and tiring. But, if everything is done at the proper level, the end result is satisfying. And not only moral, but also financial. If the comparison of income and expenses shows a positive balance, the project can be considered successful.

The music producer in most cases is independent. After all, there are many economic and financial risks in his work. So on the one hand, he does not obey anyone, and that’s good. But he is responsible for everything, and this is both a risk and a big responsibility.


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