Must Have Pieces For A Children’s Bedroom 

study table for kids

Planning a house is not an easy task in itself and planning a child’s bedroom is even more challenging. Not only do children require a lot of stuff, they also need a space that makes them feel safe and encourages and stimulates their mental and physical growth. While there is a lot that children require in terms of furniture, there are some essentials that need to be in your child’s room without fail. Let’s take a look at all these pieces of furniture so you can set up your kid’s room in the best way possible.

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  1. High Quality Bed

As simple as it sounds, having a high quality bed and a high quality mattress are both extremely important for the development of your child. A good quality mattress will ensure that your child has restful sleep while supporting their posture and keeping them healthy in the long run. Don’t rush through this process and take your time as it will end up being a crucial decision. A comfortable bed will ensure that your child gets enough sleep which is crucial for their mental and physical health. 

  1. Study Table 

Having a study table for kids is a must. These days, study tables come in various designs and shapes. There are some options that can be moved and some options that are fixed and immovable, so keep your long term plan of the room in mind before making a purchase. If you’re thinking of having a fixed table for your child, a good idea would be to get it designed in such a way that after a few years it can be used as something else. You can also have a mobile study chair for a fixed study table. 

  1. Shelves 

Every child is bound to have a lot of stuff. Be it their favorite toys or books or even collectibles, you will need a place to store their stuff while keeping it accessible to them. Having shelves of different heights is a great idea to make their room look great as well as organized. You can keep these shelves closed or open, depending on your preferences. Just make sure they are sturdy and long lasting. 

  1. Closet

It is well known that children grow in size super quickly. Needless to say, they will require a closet that can hold their clothes as well as their other belongings like their bigger toys and sports equipment if any. Whatever closet you decide to go with, make sure it is built in a way that will suit all of your kid’s phases of life, whether it is their childhood years or their teens or adulthood. 

  1. Extra Storage Space

Whenever you’re planning your child’s room, design things in such a way that there is always some extra storage space available. As your child grows, so will the amount of things they have. It’s always a smart idea to incorporate extra storage spaces like additional drawers under beds and in closets for future use. Another great idea is to incorporate seating furniture that can store stuff inside it like sofas with pull out drawers or ottomans with removable tops. 

While planning your child’s room, follow the rule of ‘fun + functional’. Keep in mind what your child likes and try to design their room in a way that accommodates their interests as well as stimulates them to discover new ones. The well being of children depends a lot on the environment they are in. 

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