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Mistakes to avoid while buying an Oktoberfest dirndl


With Oktoberfest approaching, more and more people want to purchase a dirndl. Dirndls are distinctive Bavarian dresses, and wearing them is a popular tradition at the Munich beer festival. However, choosing the best dirndl can be a daunting task with so many dirndls on offer. Making the wrong choice is synonymous with purchasing an ugly dress. This is why one has to be particularly careful about choosing an attire at the Oktoberfest.

The dirndl is an accessory that can easily be taken to the next level if you’re looking for something extra. Sure, it’s considered a traditional Alpine dress, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to add more luxury and glamour.

Wearing a dirndl is a special experience. It has been the traditional dress of the German culture and way of life for centuries. The German dirndl indicates your appreciation for German culture and your ability to blend in with the locals and speak their language. You will feel comfortable, but most importantly, you will look beautiful in a dirndl.  

But here are some mistakes that you should avoid before buying an Oktoberfest dirndl

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying A Dirndl 

When you wear a dirndl or lederhosen at the Oktoberfest, you’re basically a celebrity among the other visitors. But if you haven’t ever worn either of them before, it can be hard to get used to all the accessories and trimmings.

The right undergarments, in the right colors and with the right accessories, make a dirndl look authentic. Newbies often get it wrong, but you can avoid their mistakes with a little care.

  • Choose Color Wisely

You must choose the right colors to match your skin tone in a Bavarian dress. The complete set of clothes, consisting of a dress, scarf, hat, and gloves, is all in the same color mode. The robe has a long length with a long sleeve.

You make a statement when you wear a chic black blouse under a formal dark gray dress. You radiate elegance and sophistication.

To avoid this mistake, research color combinations that suit your style. Online stores can also be helpful because they offer perfectly coordinated Oktoberfest dirndl dresses, so you don’t have to stress over coordinating colors.

  • Read Reviews of Website

When buying their first ever traditional Bavarian dress, one of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong store. There are several local outlets in Germany selling Bavarian dresses. But unfortunately, only a few of them are reliable. 

But most local shops use poor-quality materials and charge too much; most of their clothes are plain and boring. They aren’t authorized by official channels, either.

Shopping for a dirndl can be a daunting task. But today, it’s easy to find an online shop that offers vintage dirndl dresses in a variety of high-quality fabrics, colors, and patterns.

As a novice, we recommend that you look for an online shop with lots of positive reviews instead of wasting time and money on a local shopping trip that can be risky.

  • Imprecise Undergarments

A perfect bra makes for a great look and feels comfortable. Avoid wearing a print bra under your shirt if you have a large bust or small. Dance around at the event, and you don’t want the colors of your bra to clash with your outfit.

When you go to Oktoberfest, you need to wear clothes that will allow you to participate in beer pong, spinning the bottle, and the like. Cotton underwear or bloomers are perfect for this environment.

  • Pay Attention to your Dirndl Bow

Despite being a traditional part of Bavarian culture, a bow tie might be unknown to you if you’ve never attended a festival before. If you’re wearing one at the festival for the first time, be sure to tie it according to your relationship status and availability, or else someone might offer to buy you a drink despite your having a significant other.

  • Pair a Right Bodice

You will want to make sure that you choose a bodice for your German dirndl dress that fits well; this may require some adjustment depending on your shape. If you have a wide waist, choosing a fitted bodice will help give you some definition. If you have a very tapered waist, it may be best to choose a loose basque.

Where to Buy Authentic Oktobefest Dirndl?

Many shops seem to get the culture wrong when it comes to Oktoberfest wear, but you really can’t go wrong with Lederhosen Store. Not only do they have an extensive assortment of trousers and skirts in multiple sizes and colors, but their site provides excellent size charts, so you know exactly what will fit before you buy. Besides, with their affordable pricing and worldwide shipping options, it’s hard to pass up this site for your next purchase of lederhosen or a vintage dirndl.

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