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How to Create the Perfect Blog Title for Your Blog

Blog titles are super-important; they’re the first thing people see when browsing the blogosphere. A good title can pique a reader’s interest and leave them intrigued enough to read on. Conversely, a lame title will probably result in that person moving on to another blog post. Which is why coming up with an effective title is often a writer’s hardest challenge. Luckily, there are some foolproof methods you can use to create catchy blog titles for your future posts. Creating the perfect blog title doesn’t have to be challenging – just follow these tips and you’ll get it right every time!

Make it short and sweet

With the average person’s attention span getting shorter by the day, many readers will only read the first few words of your blog title. So make sure those words are relevant, interesting, and descriptive. You don’t want to make your readers work too hard to find out what your blog post is about. A good blog title is concise and gets right to the point. It doesn’t contain your blog’s full name (unless you’re writing a blog post about your blog!) or your blog’s URL. It’s just a short, snappy sentence that describes your content. If it fails at that, it fails at everything.

Be specific

When you’re writing your blog post, you’re probably thinking about a very specific topic. But when you’re coming up with a title for that post, you might be tempted to be more vague. You may think you’ll get more readers if you’re not too specific in the title. But don’t be too general in the title. Readers want to know what they’re clicking on – they don’t want to be left in the dark. You may want to keep the title of your post broad enough to attract a wide range of readers. But you should also be specific enough to inform your readers of what they can expect to read in your post. By being specific in your blog title, you’re telling your readers what they can expect from your content. You’re also letting them know that your blog post will be relevant to them, their lives, etc.

Try brain dumping

Brain dumping is the practice of writing down all of the ideas that come to you when you think about a topic – no matter how silly, stupid, or irrelevant they may seem. This method can help you get some inspiration for the perfect blog title. While you’re researching your topic, jot down any thoughts, ideas, or questions that you have about it. Then, when it comes time to write your blog post, you can use these as the basis for your title. You may not use every idea you have, but having them all written down will help you come up with a more creative title. Some ideas you write down may not seem relevant when you’re writing the actual post, but they could inspire the perfect title!

Ask your readers

Sometimes the best ideas come from the people who read your blog. If you’re struggling to find a title, why not ask your readers what they’d like to read about next? You can do this in a number of ways, including asking them in the comments section of your latest blog post, holding a poll, or using a service like PickFu to crowdsource suggestions. If you do this, remember to explain what topics you have in mind for your next post. Otherwise, your readers might come up with titles that are unrelated to your current content.

Don’t be afraid of words-you-should-stop-using

Some words are just overused – and it’s time to stop using them!

Add some intrigue with synonyms

Synonyms are words that mean the same thing; for example, “unique” and “special” are synonyms. Using a synonym for your blog post’s title can help you come up with a more creative, unique title. When you’re thinking of a new title, you can use a thesaurus to find synonyms for your original title. You can also look up words on your phone or computer with an online thesaurus like If you’re trying to replace a boring word with a more exciting one, the new title will be more intriguing and enticing to your readers. It may even lead them to click on your post just to find out what it’s about.

Don’t use editorial words as your first word

Some words are overused so much that they’re now seen as “editorial” – i.e., they’re used so often in news articles that they don’t sound like something a reader would say. Examples of editorial words include “amazing,” “epic,” and “astonishing.” Using one of these words as the first word in your blog post’s title can make it sound over-the-top, like clickbait. You don’t want your readers to think you’re exaggerating your posts to get more clicks, so avoid editorial words when writing your blog post’s title.

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Now it’s time to write!

Use the tips above to come up with a few potential titles for your blog post. Then, let them sit for a day or two. Look at them again with a fresh eye and see if any of them have grown on you. If so, pick that title and move on to writing your post! But remember to keep your title in mind as you write. If you can use it in your post, such as in the introduction, that’s even better. Your title is the first thing people see. So it has to be good! Check this post on how to start a blog.

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