How can you beautify a dirndl dress in a budget?

dirndl dress

Have you looked at your dirndl dress and thought about styling it more in a budgeted way? If yes, you are not alone. There are so many women out there searching for it. 

You can buy a vintage dirndl dress but customizing and accessorizing it on a budget can be expensive. We have laid down considerable ways through which you can achieve full glam at a pocket-friendly price. There is no need to spend plenty of money to look beautiful at Oktoberfest. You can do so with minimal stuff.

Accessorizing a dirndl dress in pocket-friendly ways

Even if you have not bought an expensive Oktoberfest dirndl dress, you can uplift your style game at Oktoberfest. 

Every year Oktoberfest takes place to celebrate tradition, food, and colors. In these events, women choose to buy vintage dirndl dresses to make the most of it. Nonetheless, buying an expensive dirndl dress just for a day isn’t a wise decision. You can buy a pocket-friendly dress and customize it to get party vibes and feel gel.

Pick the right pair of shoes

You surely have to make a lot of decisions before hitting Oktoberfest. Choosing the right pair of shoes can be the most crucial part. If you aren’t comfortable in your shoes, you won’t be able to enjoy it. 

However, if you love a glamorous look for a party, you can opt for heels. There are various low-budgeted heel options available online. 

We hand-pick some of the most worn shoes with dirndls, and each one of them looks perfectly fine with it. You can choose from the following to pair with your Oktoberfest dirndl dress.

  • Pump shoes

Pumps are stylish yet comfortable pairs of shoes. You can have a wide range of styles and colors in it, especially if you want to ditch heels for a while and still want to be in the limelight. A fashionable pair of pumps is enough to give you a trendy look.

  • Tennis shoes

Show off dance moves at the Oktoberfest with tennis shoes? Great! A pair of tennis shoes goes extremely well with a vintage dirndl dress. These tennis shoes will give you a cool yet laid-back kind of look.

  • Block heels

You aren’t party-ready if you’re not wearing heels! If you are not into pumps or tennis shoes, heels can be the perfect fit with your Oktoberfest dirndl. A nice pair of heels is enough to give you a complete look. If you wear a light-colored dress, you can even wear bright-colored heels to add a pop of color.

Fashion Jewelry

The bare minimum way to uplift your dress is to wear statement jewels. It can either be a pair of earrings or heart chokers. With a vintage dirndl dress, you can also wear a Bavarian rhinestone pretzel earring which will look as traditional as your dress.

You can easily make a fashion statement with jewelry. It is all about how well you carry yourself. If you aren’t wearing a vivid colored or detailed dress, you can accessorize it and beautify it cost-effectively.

Choose the hairdo according to your dirndl

A neat and clean hairdo can do wonders for you. Usually, women prefer wearing french and swiss plaits with a traditional dirndl dress. Also, a pair of sparkle pens will enhance your hairdo too.

Also, remember that the hairdo you have opted for goes well with your face. As every face shape differs from one another, it might not suit what suits others.

Wear a vintage dirndl bow

Did you know that vintage dirndl bows have different meanings? Yes! You should be keen before tying one as people perceive different meanings from it. These bows are tied as per a woman’s marital status. You can grab a lot of attention while wearing it at Oktoberfest. You can choose to tie a vintage dirndl bow from the following.

  • When a woman ties a bow on the left side, she is single and looking for a partner.
  • If you spot a woman with a bow tied on the right side, it means she is interested in someone or is dating.
  • A window woman always ties the bow at the back.
  • Only young or teen girls tie bows in the middle.

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