Everything You Need to Know When a Dog is Pregnant


When your dog is pregnant, she goes through a lot of physical changes. This can be a stressful time for her and your family, so it is important to keep her comfortable and safe.

During the first trimester, your dog may experience a decrease in appetite. This is normal and can be related to her changing hormones.

1. Weight Change

A dog’s weight will fluctuate a lot during pregnancy. This is normal but it’s important that she doesn’t gain too much weight, which can lead to birthing complications.

Pregnant dogs often gain 15% to 25% of their original weight. This is because their body needs more nutrients to feed their growing puppies.

Nipples become larger and rounded during this time as well, sometimes turning a darker red to indicate an increase in blood flow. They will also occasionally leak milk.

In addition to the changes in weight, your dog may also get moody or irritable. They will need more attention and will also need to have a large bowl of water available for drinking.

2. Change in Behavior

One of the biggest changes your dog will experience when she is pregnant is her behavior. Her body is going through a lot of hormonal changes, and she may become lethargic or even lose interest in eating.

Pregnancy is also a great time for a dog to feel more affectionate than usual. This is because she is looking to you for a sense of comfort and protection as she prepares to give birth.

During this time, your dog might also notice the difference in your body scent. This is a natural result of your body’s hormone levels changing during pregnancy, according to a certified dog behavior consultant.

3. Change in Urination

When a dog is pregnant, her bladder will be more full than usual. This is due to the uterus pressing on her bladder.

It’s also normal for her to urinate more frequently than she normally does. This is because her body needs to hold the amniotic fluid that carries her puppy through labor.

If your dog’s urine is discolored (red or pink), this is a sign that she may be experiencing inflammation or infection in her urinary tract, so make sure she gets checked out by a veterinarian immediately. So Click here for more details.

4. Change in Eating Habits

Pregnant dogs often experience a change in appetite. Depending on the severity of the change, they may eat less or more than usual.

This can be due to nausea that is common during the first weeks of pregnancy.

Another sign that your dog is pregnant is that her nipples may become enlarged, darker (indicating an increase in blood flow), and/or round compared to their normal flatness. They also may start to leak milk later in the pregnancy.

The best way to support your dog during her pregnancy is to feed her a high-quality, species-appropriate diet that contains adequate levels of protein, carbohydrates and fats. It’s also important to make sure she gets the vitamins and minerals she needs during her pregnancy.

5. Change in Activity

A dog’s energy levels can drop during pregnancy. She may also become less interested in activities she typically loves, like fetch.

Her appetite may also change, with her eating less of her evening meals. If you’re concerned, ask your vet for a pregnancy test.

Another typical sign of pregnancy is an enlarged nipple. Nipples that are bigger than normal, particularly those closest to the hind legs, indicate that your dog is pregnant.

Your dog’s nipples will also start to leak milk, known as colostrum, during this time. These symptoms will increase as your dog prepares for the birth of her puppies.

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