Clothing Ideas for When You’re On Your Period

Clothing Ideas for When You're On Your Period

For women, period symptoms can differ depending on their body. However, one common thing women get is cramps. They’re uncomfortable and painful. Since our hormones go haywire during the process, it becomes hard for many women to cope with the pain.

Therefore, it’s best to wear comfortable clothes while menstruating. If you’re not sure what to wear, here are some ideas:

● Dark Jeans

Dark colours are a great way to hide way to hide leaks if they accidentally occur. No matter what environment you’re in, it’s best to be prepared just in case. If a leak occurs, the dark coloured material will make it less apparent and save you any embarrassment even when you don’t notice it.

● Long Shirts

If you still want to wear colored jeans, we recommend you wear a long shirt. It’s a good way to hide any accidental leaks. Plus, oversized shirts are very comfy, you can wear them anywhere.

● Comfy underwear

Comfy underwear is the best thing you can invest in for when you’re on your period. There’s nothing worse than feeling icky and gross, and period underwear offers the solution to all your period problems. Visit to find some incredibly effective period undies for yourself. Try to stick to cotton, as it’s the best texture to wear for breathability.

● Sweatpants

Who says you can’t look sexy with sweatpants? They’ve always been in demand and a strong part of high street fashion. As long as you pair them with the right shirt, you can wear them without any reservations.

● High Waisted Skirts

As the name implies, a high-waisted skirt is the best way to cover the lower part of your body. However, you should be picky about the color. Again, we recommend you to wear dark colors, as they can hide accidental leaks well.

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