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Best full body Massage Chair

full body Massage Chair

If you’re searching for the nearest issue to your own personal best full body massage chair (and you’ve exhausted each massage tool!) then you’re planning to find yourself looking for the proper massage chair.

We perceive that it’s a giant investment, not simply financially but additionally in terms of the house inside your home.

Each massage chair offers its distinctive mixture of options and settings, which may be tough to match if you haven’t closely-held one before.

To help, we’ve highlighted the options of the highest ten massage chairs and additionally enclosed a handy shopping guide later during this article therefore you’ll be able to build the foremost abreast of call.

Types of Massage Chairs

Here square measures the various kinds of massage chairs accessible therefore you’ll be able to begin to slim down your search:


The most ancient style of the massage chair is the reclining chair. usually a lower price possibility than zero gravity, it’s a cushy seat with massage options that match well inside the house.

Zero Gravity

Inspired by spaceflight, a zero gravity shiatsu massage chair square measure is designed to require the pressure off your legs and back and equally distribute your weight for relief from daily pain.

Full Body

A full-body massage chair takes care of the complete body, usually cradling the user to produce everywhere relief.

It’s generally a better-priced product because it claims to be the nearest issue to a person’s massage.


If you wish for a lot of ancient looks, you will choose an identical ottoman. this is often a chair with a separate ottoman, each of that has massage rollers and/or airbags.

Chair / Seat Pad

If you don’t have the take into account a massage chair or have the house accessible then you’ll be able to produce your own with a seat pad.

Seat pads will be connected to your favorite chair or be used whereas Saturday up in bed.

We’ve written a review of the simplest chair pads on the market, that you just will scan here.

Features of Massage Chairs

The different functions and options of massage chairs will be overwhelming.

Below, we’ve broken them down into totally different classes therefore you’ll be able to make sure you’re selecting those that square measure right for you.

If you wish for a lot of elaborated data, you’ll be able to examine the various issues once selecting a massage chair here.


S Shape

Most chairs historically use an associate degree curved shape Track System. If you think that of the letter ’S’, this is often the approach the massage rollers can run up and down your back, following the curvature of your spine.

L Shape

L-Shape chairs use a unique technique, running up and down your back however additionally into the seat at a lower place you yet, simply imagine you’re sitting on the letter ‘L’.

It’s an associate degree extension of the curved shape, serving to not simply cowl your back but additionally get right into your lower back and hamstrings.

SL Shape

Some massage chairs, just like the iRest terrorist group Track Massage Chair reclining chair, supply each associate degree S associate degreed an L-track system.

This means you get the advantages of each system as delineated on top. usually these chairs square measure costlier. For more about the best full body massage chair please visit our website.

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