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Benefits of Zeon Zoysia

Zeon Zoysia

A lush, green lawn is a simple way to improve your home’s curb appeal. The increase in visual appeal may pique the interest of potential buyers in purchasing your home. This is useful not only for selling your home but also for increasing its value.

Nothing beats spending time outside on a lush lawn when the weather is nice. Consider picnics and ball games with your loved ones, including your dog. Furthermore, green lawns may benefit the environment in a variety of ways.

Because of its fine blades, rapid growth, and resistance to drought and shade, Zeon zoysia is an excellent substitute for other grasses.

Because of the lush, deep green color, it attains after fully maturing; Zeon Zoysia is frequently regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing of the available warm-season turfgrasses.

Zeon Zoysia, one of the most beautiful turf grasses sold by companies like Atlanta Sod Farms, also has many practical applications.

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Benefits of Zeon Zoysia

Your lawn’s Zeon Zoysia is critical to its comfort and beauty.

Zeon zoysia can live in a wide range of climates. Many people appreciate its aesthetic qualities, which include thick grass and bright green color. It prefers direct sunlight but can also be grown in dappled shade.

This variety was chosen because of its soft texture, rapid growth rate, and low maintenance requirements. It is an excellent substitute for traditional grass because it grows quickly and tolerates drought and shade. With its delicate blades, Zeon zoysia is an important component of a beautiful lawn.

Repairs are less frequently required.

Zeon sod grass requires less maintenance than other types of grass. Because they grow slowly, you can go longer between mowings without worrying about an unkempt lawn.

Compared to other grass types, such as centipede sod, this one is less prone to pests such as insects and diseases. As a result, fewer people will require emergency care. Another of Zeon’s many advantages is its low maintenance requirements. It only requires about an inch of water per week, so aim for half an inch to an inch and a half. You’ll also need to apply a pound or two of nitrogen fertilizer every year.

Weed Development Potential is Reduced.

Weeding a lawn can be time-consuming and frustrating, and relying on chemical weed treatments may harm the local ecosystem if they end up in the local water supply.

If you choose Zeon sod for your home, you may be able to eliminate the need for chemical weed control and manual weed removal. Zeon grass grows quickly and can fill almost any space. Weeds require less space to thrive as a result.

Can Grow in a Variety of Terrains

Zeon grass is a great alternative to other types of turf grass because it does not require specific soil conditions.

It could work in any type of terrain. It’s drought-resistant and adaptable, so it’ll thrive in conditions ranging from highly acidic to sandy. It even thrives in clay soil.


Choosing Zeon grass could save you money. A large investment in soil improvement is not required.

Before installing this sod, make sure your soil doesn’t need its pH lowered by performing a soil test.

Furthermore, this one requires the least amount of nitrogen of all turfgrass varieties. Overfertilizing Zeon grass with more than half a pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet yearly is bad for the turf’s health. Savings of several hundred dollars per year are possible after installing Zeon sod in your Atlanta home

It’s a barefooter’s dream.

Allow your mind to wander back to when you walked barefoot in the cool grass on a hot summer day. Isn’t it relaxing? One advantage of Zeon grass is that it can be walked on in bare feet. It is safe for your children and dogs to play on.

It is designed to withstand harsh conditions.

One of the most aggravating things that can happen is having your yard ruined by the elements. Fortunately, Zeon grass is quite hardy. It can survive in temperatures as low as -70°F and is not affected by drought

It can work in low-light conditions.

In contrast to other grass species, Zeon grass does not require a lot of sunlight. Zeon grass can thrive in full sun or deep shade.

Highest Quality

If you want a grass that trained professionals have only farmed, Zeon is the best option. It is not only pest and disease-resistant, but it also looks great. A higher quality of the grass is unlikely to be found.

All of these characteristics combine to make Zeon zoysia grass a popular choice. In contrast to wide other grass varieties, Zeon can only be grown as a Certified turfgrass variety. Begin by looking for a grower in your area.

Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) for more information.

Which one is superior, Zeon or Zenith Zoysia?

Unlike Empire Zoysia, Zeon is more cold-resistant, turning brown slower in the winter and greening faster in the spring.

What is the most beautiful Zoysia grass?

Emerald zoysia grass is a fine-textured hybrid that is one of the most visually appealing zoysias.

Can Zeon Zoysia withstand direct sunlight?

Zeon grows well in full sun to moderate shade and requires at least 4 hours of direct sunshine.

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