Astrology Compatibility- How does it Work?

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Ever wondered what your life with your partner would be like?  What would they be like? Will they be Kind, funny, and charming, just like you have always wished them to be? Everyone has these questions at some point in their lives.

The answers to these lie in Astrology. Astrology is looking at the positions of planets and stars and making predictions accordingly. It tells you about how you relate to other people and makes predictions about the actions of people, tells and describes their personalities, and gives them advice according to the positions of stars and planets.

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One can chat with astrologers about their concerns and get solutions accordingly. Astro chat is available both online and offline. However, online astrology is becoming more popular as it allows you to talk to genuine Astrologers from the comfort of your home. 

Features like astrology live chat are available in many Astro apps and websites, as well as on various YouTube channels. Today, there are many people whom astrology has influenced a lot as it makes them self-aware and people seem more attracted to know themselves.

Also, astrology is now so easily accessible for people that it is difficult to resist trying it. In Indian society, most people believe in astrology as almost all the traditional households check the astrological compatibility, and they go for kundali matching before fixing the marriage. It gives them the pleasure to know that the Universe plans and cares things for them. 

Why is Compatibility so Important in Relationships?

When looking for a partner, we often look for like-mindedness because that makes us feel more understood and also helps us bond with a person emotionally.

When people in a relationship are not compatible, then they are not happy with their partners and relationship. It leads to negative behaviours like disrespect, lack of responsibility, disloyalty, etc.

Relationships best work when two people share companionship and growth. Compatibility means living life together respectfully. It means that the partner should understand and value each other’s goals, decisions, and purpose in life and should celebrate each other’s success. 

Astrology is used to predict how well the personalities of two people are compatible with one another. For predicting these personalities of people, we look into their zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are astrological signs which are opted by looking at the position of the Sun on the day of your birth.

The 12 zodiac signs have their specific traits, weaknesses, and strengths. Every sign is powerful and has its way of viewing the world. For example, the sign Gemini is known as the social butterflies who are intelligent, curious, flexible, and clever therefore they vibe best with the signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius which are the three fire signs. 

In order to know the astrological compatibility of one person with another, we need to look at the astrological chart, which comprises three elements: the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the rising sign.

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According to western astrology, the Sun sign is the most important and the main zodiac sign, which signifies motivation and ego, the moon sign represents the emotional nature of a person and the rising sign represents the face and the energy we put or show to the world.

In Indian Vedic astrology, the zodiac signs are accurately predicted and are based not only on the date of your birth but also on the time of birth. Based on this, a birth chart includes details about your personality, weaknesses, and the path of your life.

Which are the most compatible sun signs?

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the three fire signs which are most compatible and go best with other fire and air signs because air feeds fire and the signs keep up with their energy level.

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Earth signs which are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn match well with other earth and water signs because water Naturally nourishes the earth. Water signs are delicate and compassionate, which matches strongly with the willed earth signs

The air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius find an amazing match with the other air and fire signs. Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces go best with other water and earth signs. 


Today, Astrology has become a common trend. Especially in the field of love and relationships. People want to know whether their partner’s values and thoughts are in line with theirs. Hence finding it out through zodiac signs is a simple and fun way for them.

If one wishes to know their relationship compatibility in detail, they can easily consult with astrologers online. Astrology is fascinating, but one should also understand that having desirable personality traits doesn’t make a relationship work, it has to be built with love, patience, and mutual respect.

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