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5 Tips to Start Your Own Small-Printing House

Small-Printing House

Quitting a 9 to 5 job and starting can be one of the toughest yet most rewarding decisions you could make. Out of all the small businesses, the printing hustle will get you success in a small duration of time. This can further be scaled as per your requirements and growth. 

However, not a lot of people know the actual grinding that goes behind starting an in-house printing hustle. Following are some of the best tried and tested tips that will get you started in the printing niche:

The Raw Material

One of the biggest perks of the printing business is that it requires minimal raw materials to get started with. All you need in basic products are a large bundle of bond paper rolls, sticker paper, and inks in different colors. Large professional staplers, binding glue, and other binding accessories. You may also need some measuring instruments and professional paper cutters or machines as per your requirements.

The printing of books, novels, and notebooks will require a high-quality paper of different weights. However, printing business cards, invitations, and other greeting cards require hard paper sheets to make cards that are relatively more expensive than paper. Hence, if you start with a small budget, go with basic paper products and once you generate enough revenue, you can shift to various card-based products. 

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Machinery Required

The only costly expense you will have to invest in for a printing side hustle will be buying printers and relevant machines. A printer is the main device required for any printing job, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on its specifications and brand. 

Here are some of the best printers of 2022 reviewed. Make sure to buy a printer that provides color printing features as well. The advantage of such printers is that you can also choose to do sticker printing with them. 

Other machines that you might need include a paper shredder, large cutter machine, round corner cutter, automatic DIE cutter machine to cut the shapes of various sizes, and an invoice machine. For branding, you can custom-make your graphics and get them printed or buy custom-printed boxes from your nearest printing house at wholesale rates. 

Home Office Setup

It is not a good idea to start by renting an office for your business. You can start your small business from your room. If it starts to scale up, you can move it to the basement of your house, and if it hits the size of a medium-scale business, you can opt for hiring a team and renting an office. 

One issue with shifting your workspace to the basement of your house can be the risk of product damage caused by stairs. You can avail to an elevator service for smooth transport of your heavy equipment and products in bulk amounts.

The products that you can start selling from your home can be books, custom printed books, printed calendars, planners, journals, and stickers.

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