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5 Effective Ways to Reduce the Water Bill at Your Home


Most of us have access to clean water for use with no restrictions, but despite this, every homeowner should incorporate water conservation techniques. Conserving water will not only benefit the environment but it would help reduce your water bills. 

We can’t change our water supply as it is provided by the regional water company. But there are always ways to reduce the water bill.  

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you reduce water bills. 

Use Appliances Wisely

Some tasks like laundry and running the dishwasher consume a lot of water. You should try to optimize the use of appliances. Even if you put a few dishes in your dishwasher, you are using the same amount of water and energy. 

With frequent washes, every time the dishes pile up would cost you a lot on both electricity and water bills. Try washing your dishes when the dishwasher is full. For your laundry, try running it two or three times a week. Use the shortest cycle on your dishwasher and washer. 

Get the Pipes Inspected 

You may have noticed a few water drops falling in the corner but you were too busy to get it fixed anytime sooner. It could be a water pipe that is leaking or the faucet drops overnight. 

Installing a new plumbing system is costly, so make sure to take care of it before it suffers massive damage. Schedule regular maintenance calls to your plumber to get any leaks and problems detected early on. 

Invest in High-Efficiency Toilet

Bodies your washing machine and dishwasher, a major portion of water in the home is consumed by the toilet. You can significantly reduce the use of water by investing in a high-efficiency toilet. They function smoothly and efficiently to ensure that no extra water is used or wasted.

Hire an experienced bathroom remodeling company to set up a new toilet and even touch up some areas of the bathroom like adding a new cabinet. 

Reduce Outdoor Water Usage

People often end up using more than enough when washing their cars or cleaning up the front yard. Consider ways to create an eco-friendly landscape that allows you to use water smartly. Use a broom to clean the outside hardscape area most of the time rather than your hose. 

For your plants, water them only when necessary as overwatering them can lead to the death of roots and loss of vigor in the plants. It could also lead to yellow leaves and stunted slow growth. You can use a covered rain barrel to capture rainwater and use it to water plants outdoors.

Turn the Faucet Off

Make sure to turn off the faucet in between when using the water tap for brushing your teeth, washing your face, and while you do dishes. 

Even though they are routine activities, they can add up more to the bill than you can imagine. If you keep the faucet running for more than a minute it can lead to the loss of two gallons of water.

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