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5 Effective Ways to Boost Male Fertility

Are you also experiencing male infertility and several other issues related to fertility? If yes, then you are not alone. Male infertility, perhaps the most common problem, is more prevalent in every part of the world than other medical diseases.

Infertility problems, usually, affect about one couple in every six couples. According to the sex therapist in Lahore, infertility may be curable for many people. However, you can take some measures that you can easily take over a period of time to increase the chances of conceiving. A change in lifestyle strategies along with a diet packed with minerals and effective vitamins can play an important role in increasing fertility.

Male Fertility

When a male is able to produce without medical assistance, then it is referred to as male fertility. And infertility means that a man or husband is not able to make his partner or wife pregnant without medicines. Pregnancy chances, usually, depending on the quality of the sperm cells. Infertility, sometimes, is linked with sexual function; and sometimes, it can be related to semen quality such as:


Libido, according to urologists or medical researchers, is known as sexual drive. Food supplements, also known as aphrodisiacs, are famous to increase libido.

Sperm Motility

The measurement of the percentage of the moving sperm cells in samples of semen is known as sperm motility.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence or inability to maintain sexual desire, is a common problem among many men in different parts of the world.

Testosterone Levels

Testosterones, sexual hormones of men, are responsible for fertility in men, and levels of these hormones lead to infertility.

Ways to Boost Male Infertility

Here are effective ways to make an increase male infertility:

1- Liver

The liver, especially of the cows, is the best source of many vitamins, effective and responsible for supporting male fertility, and these vitamins are folate, Co Q10, etc.

Medical studies show that vitamin A is considered the most important vitamin for male production and also to develop the quality of sperm. In addition, this vitamin is also crucial for the maintenance of the genital tract in men. Some men with Co Q10 deficiency experience poor semen quality and increased levels of Co Q10 in the human body improve several parameters of semen

According to medical specialists, people need to consume 4.5mg of Co Q10 every single day to maintain healthy levels of this vitamin. Additionally, vitamin B12 and other proteins that you get from the liver are important to boost sperm count.

2- Regularly Go for Exercise

Exercising regularly along with healthy foods can play a crucial role in improving testosterone levels and improving fertility. There are a number of studies that suggest that exercise on a regular basis may increase testosterone levels and better semen quality.

There is no need to do intense exercise because it may affect you negatively over a period of time. However, you can take effective minerals such as zinc along with exercise to reduce the risks of negative effects. If you don’t go for mild to moderate exercise but want to increase infertility, the first thing you need on priority is to make yourself more physically active.

3- Salmon

Salmon along with sardine is the best natural source of mega-3 fatty acids and is known to give human beings a number of health benefits such as reducing the development of plaque in arteries.

Omega-3 fatty acids, according to a study, are the best supplements to increase sperm count in men. In addition, they are also responsible for the formation and structure of sperm cells along with other cells of the body. If you consume sardine, to get enough amount of omega-3 fatty acids, then you can easily increase your sperm motility and sperm count.

Additionally, both fishes (salmon and sardine) are also packed with arginine and vitamin B12 which are effective to increase sperm count and motility. All these benefits of sardine and salmon make them the best food to increase sperm quality.

4- Vitamin C

You know that vitamin C is the best vitamin among the vitamin family to boost the immune system. Some medical-based evidence indicates that consumption of antioxidants like vitamin C can be helpful in improving male infertility.

Oxidative stress on the body increases the risks of infertility, especially in men. Consuming enough amount of vitamin C (an important antioxidant) can decrease the levels of oxidative stress and also increases semen quality.

A study, that was conducted on infertile men, show that men who consume 1000mg of vitamin C two times every single day, increased sperm count and motility by 100% and 92% respectively. In addition, it also decreases the deformation of sperm cells by 55%.

5- Oysters

Oysters unlike other foods are fully packed with zinc which is essential for male fertility. In addition, they have also a good amount of selenium, vitamin B, etc. The combination of these vitamins boosts sperm quality.

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